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Revolution ([rev-uh-loo-shuhn]
1. A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something:
2. A change of paradigm.
Positive Health Revolution is a new way of looking at your health if you are HIV positive. Today with new medicines the focus should be maintaining and improving your health! Positive actions toward improved health and vitality will result in positive health. Live positive and BE healthy!

Dr. Don Fisher has extensive professional and clinical experience treating patients with HIV and more recently antiaging medicine. Merging the two makes GREAT sense for patients who are positive. Fight both HIV and Aging together! HIV is a MANAGEABLE disease which you can control and still BE HEALTHY!

Antioxidants, vitamins, herbs, hormones and good nutrition coupled with exercise makes good sense for improving your health. The newest medications fight HIV at the cellular level but come with a cost. High lipids (fats in your blood), higher cardiovascular disease risks and inflammation can result in unhealthy outcomes. Obesity, muscle loss and fat gain not to mention altered focus, concentration and mood issues all can result from HIV directly or from the medications which are used to control the virus. Don't settle for less than OPTIMAL health while you are positive! You CAN be HEALTHY with HIV!

VERY few doctors caring for HIV positive patients help them with OTHER means for improving health. Our goal primarily is to change dramatically how your immune system is fueled and COUNTER inflammation and poor nutrition! Do all you can do to improve your vitality - live long and feel great with HIV!

Call us today to see what special programs we can offer to BOOST immunity and help you maintain your health!