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So you are on HIV medicine and doing well. Hopefully your HIV care giver measures your CD4 counts and watches over your HIV viral loads and wants to see them improve. Generally we want T-cells to increase over time and want your viral loads LOW!

Ideally with proper HIV medicine (HAART) - your viral loads should remain not detected - or at least at the lowest range of detection for the test called HIV RNA by PCR and now that is generally below 20 copies per one cc of your blood serum.

But sometimes just having these "good numbers" isn't enough. Some medications carry risks. Some increase your risk of depression or anxiety. Some may increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. Some cause general inflammation to increase. Other medicines for HIV decrease intestinal cell function and result in malabsorption and wasting and even diarrhea. And there is the ever present concern of lipodystrophy or lipo-atrophy with the improper fat distribution which can occur with medications.

Let's fight back! Medications that lower HIV viral load and improve T-cells are great but there is MORE YOU can do!

FIRST - Call our office and meet with our staff and tour our medical facility.
SECOND - Let us tell you why men and women living with HIV are coming to us to IMPROVE their health.
THIRD - Set up a time to have additional testing done that can enhance your health!
LASTLY - Meet with Dr. Fisher our Medical Director!

Dr. Fisher is an experienced HIV care giver and is a member of The American Academy of HIV Medicine as well as the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine. He will talk with you in detail about how you can merge your existing HIV care with antiaging principles which WILL improve your quality of life. Dr. Fisher doesn't provide insured care and the reason that should matter to you, he isn't hurried or pressured to see large numbers of patients in any clinic day. He can focus on what may matter MOST to you.

The PHR team can help you live life young and experience the antiaging phenomenon even though you have HIV -- you need to care for yourself and prepare NOW for a healthier YOU!! Let us help. Please call our office today at 877.763-3317 so we can schedule a time for you to come by.