Glutathione is a small but potent molecule in your body. It doesn't come with the notoriety of other high profile nutrients like vitamin C or Vitamin E but certainly it is a miracle molecule.

Glutathione is the "master antioxidant" which neutalizes free radicals. It is one of the main nonprotein substances in every human cell and it rules the body's cells! It is a tripeptide molecule mad up of three amino acids: glutamine, glycine and cysteine. Glutathione was discovered in the late 1800's however was really researched in the 1980's and is now know as a major player in all aspects of good health and disease prevention.

Better known antioxidants like selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E must be obtained through diet and proper nutrition, but glutathione as the master antioxidant supports and regenerates the antioxidative potential of these molecules. So in essence without glutathione most other antioxidants don't work effectively.

Simply put oxidative stress (or lot's of free radicals) unchecked causes degenerative diseases like arthritis,diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, glutathione supports and even enhances your immune system and plays a central role in the proper function of the white blood cells. Glutathione is vital in the maintenance and creation of your front line in immune defense -- the T cells a type of white blood cell found in the lymphocyte class. When these decline as with HIV attack serious immune deficiencies can occur.. It is known that AIDS patients with serious immune defects have well below normal levels of the "master antioxidant"!

Scientists predict that somewhere between 85-95% of cancer is caused from dietary or environmental toxicity! Are you just destined to have cancer? NO! The last 50 years of medical research has shown the great benefit of glutathione as an anti-carcinogen (anti-cancer!) Reactive chemicals from our outside world infiltrate our cells and the body gets rid of them with the help of glutathione. I have heard researchers say that the most potent anti-cancer chemical today is glutathione!

How do we get more glutathione? Eat more food with cysteine. Glutamine and glycine? Ingest the molecule itself? The answer is no.. Taking oral glutathione is not enough.

I recommend IV Glutathione and most patients are given 1500 mg as an infusion over 5-10 minutes. This is done weekly. It is easy and quick and by far it is the best way to directly increase your blood and tissue levels.. Also, we strongly recommend the one amino acid that is the most important in glutathione synthesis -- cysteine in the N acetyl cysteine form. We call it PHR N Acetyl Cysteine and I recommend taking 2-3 every morning and every night. In addition, many vitamins and nutrtional supplements are glutathione boosters, namely alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, melatonin, tumeric and whey protein powder.