Nutraceutical reccommendations
1. PHR Multinutrient Supplement
The foundation of any supplement program, whether therapeutic or preventive, is a broad-spectrum multinutrient formula. BEST Program multinutrient formulas vary in range. In choosing a multinutrient formula, you'll want to consider several factors: cost; daily "pill capacity"; personal dietary and therapeutic needs (based on age, sex, health condition, family history and personal goals); gastrointestinal tolerance (some people find high-potency formulas upsetting to their stomachs); quality of diet; and exercise habits.

2. PHR Mineral Supplement
Next we recommend adding a multimineral formula. This step is important, as it is generally not possible to provide adequate amounts of the "macrominerals" (especially calcium and magnesium) in a multinutrient formula because of the "capsule space" they require.

3. PHR Phytonutrient Supplements
Third, because even the most conscientious of us often do not consume adequate phytonutrients, I recommend that everyone include one or more broad-spectrum phyonutrient supplement formulas in their daily "nutrition-insurance" program. Examples of such formulas include NanoGreens10 and/or Extension Phytonutrient.

4. PHR Condition-Specific Supplements
Having established the nutritional foundation, consider choosing formulas for specific condition support; i.e. bone and joint, cardiovascular or other problem areas.

5. PHR Antioxidants, Hormone Support and Other Anti-Aging Nutrient Supplements
To complete the supplement program and tailor it to your individual needs, you can then add antioxidants, hormones, receptor sensitizers and bioenergizers.

By following these simple steps based on the PHR modular concept using the PHR Nutritional Pyramid, you can be confident that your individual nutritional requirements are being met, while minimizing unwanted and unnecessary ingredients.