Positive Health Revolution is a new way of looking at your health if you are positive. Today with new medicines the focus should be maintaining and improving your health! Positive actions toward improved health and vitality will result in positive health. Live positive and BE healthy! Positive Health Revolution offers the following specialized services:

  • Interpersonal review of your overall health and development of an individualized program specifically designed for you by the physician.
  • Nutritional assessment and recommendations
  • Spectracell Micro-nutrient lab testing
  • Special Hormone Therapy
  • Infusion therapies - The cells that we count on to do the work to prevent infection need optimal nutrition. Oral supplements help but even these are sometimes woefully inadequate. To saturate your body's cells with vital nutrients, we have put together a powerhouse combination of immune assisting nutrients - we give these nutrients in an intravenous fashion or in other words - via direct IV. So we bypass your digestive tract and give these immune- stimulating factors into your system directly. This doesn't replace medication for specific infections but it does improve your immune system's ability to operate in an optimal fashion.
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Super Immunity Shots
  • BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis
  • Dietary Therapies and patient specific recommendations
  • Exercise Therapies and recommendations
  • Lifestyle Changes - Life Coaching
  • Mind-Body Approaches to wellness (Breathing/ Meditation/ Yoga)

VERY few doctors caring for HIV positive patients help them with OTHER means for improving health. Our goal primarily is to change dramatically how your immune system is fueled and COUNTER inflammation and poor nutrition! Do all you can do to improve your vitality - live long and feel great with HIV!

Call us today to see what special programs we can offer to BOOST immunity and help you maintain your health!